Educational Funding

RNAO Educational Funding
RNAO menbers have access to grants, bursaries and fellowships, and discounts on publications.

The Nursing Education Initiative Grant Program, supported by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care provides grants for continuing education to assist nurses to improve their knowledge and professional skills.

The Advanced Clinical Practice Fellowships (ACPF) supports nurse mentorship in three focus areas;
1. Clinical
2. Leadership
3. Best Practice Guideline Implementation

RNAO Education Loans & Scholarships
Members may apply after one year of membership. Repayment starts after the completion of courses and the loans are interest free until one year after repayment begins.

DNIG Bursaries
Since 2002, DNIG has offered three bursaries annually to support diabetes education. For application forms, please go to RNFOO Awards and Scholarships. Successful applicants will receive their award at the RNFOO Annual Gala in May.

DNIG Conference Funding
DNIG also supports members to attend diabetes related conferences. More information is available in the DNIG newsletters.

Acquiring clinical experience in diabetes care can present a challenge. Let us know how you gained practical experience in diabetes care so that we can pass the information on to members.

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